1999 Quote Board

“Give Matt another hour.We want him to be good tonight.” -Natalie

“Try my fat white mammy’s ass!” -Natalie

“No matter what, it will rise.” -Matt

“I am inspired by large, hairy men.” -Matt

“Release the robotic Richard Simmons!” -Owen

“They all rise for me.” -Natalie

“We’ve got purple worms!” -Tasha

“I bent my wookie!” -Aaron

“Okay, so I climbed into bed with Trevor this morning…” -Owen

“Rug-a-bee” -Owen


“Bad! No, bad! Bend over! BEND OVER!” -Nat to Sam

“Turkey orgasm” -The Sluts with the Hearts

“We’ve got blood!” -Natalie

“I made a dollar the hard way.” -Sam
“And I stuck it in his pants.” -Bree
“And she missed.” -Sam

“You have a penis. That makes you bad.” -Natalie

“Nice pants” -Matt
“Yeah, I can fit Mexican refugees in them.” -Lauren
“Hola!” -Matt

“Gimme a CRACK! Gimme a WHORE! What’s that spell? BORDO!” -Lauren

“They came, they saw, they drank some Mountain Dew. And then they probably didn’t win anyway.” -Lauren

“Doin’ the ‘Bull Dance’, feelin’ the flow.” -Martin

“It’s the only way a chick will sleep in Malone’s room.” -Martin

“At this point, if you told me 1+1=2 I’d believe you.” -Bree

“What provokes one to say what one says at this time of day?” -Chandra

“Troy, I love you! And if I could get there, I’d bow down before you!” -Bree

“Does he (Hans) usually peter out after 2 1/2 minutes?” -Challenge Guy
“Well, usually I’m proud if he nails a minute.” -Bree
“Let me pass that on to those who need to know.” -Challenge Guy

“Who exactly is in your bed?” -Bree
“I never am completely sure.” -Chandra

“Welcome to our celebration of things that don’t mean a thing.” -KVSC

“I know what’s best! I’m the host!” -Chandra

“I’m straddling you.” -Sam
“And I’m straddling Emily.” -Matt
“This is kinky.” -Emily
“Now all we need is a trampoline!” -Sam

“What a tramp!” -Some fat duck on TV

“Apple Jacks don’t taste like apples or jacks. Grape nuts don’t taste like grapes or nuts. But Lucky Charms do. They taste like leprechauns.” -Aaron

“Klaus, this is getting pretty thick.” -Natalie

“Bree, I don’t know if this quote board was the best or worst idea of Triv Weekend.” -Natalie

“I’m sorry, Kayleen, I just had to molest you once. Now, everyone had to find out. UUUGH! UUUGH! UUUGH!” -Steph

“Don’t do that! I’m the one who has to clean it up!” -Chandra

“Titty on the wall! Titty on the wall!” -Sam & Steph

“We just pulled 60 points out of our ass.” -Steve

“You look like a gay Cuban housewife.” -Jessa to Bordo

“Who stole the tongue from my shoe?” -Dylan

“What’s smaller than a Zepplin?” -Chandra
“Do you really want me to answer that?” -Steve

“You haven’t even gotten to the mirror yet!” -Chandra
“But I feel beautiful!” -Tuman

“When they’re least expecting it, or even if they are, just give it to them right in the ass!” -Chandra

“Insert sword here.” -Emily to Sam

“I’m a lard-ass.” -Bordo

“I can’t believe I’m making out with a stuffed dragon.” -Jessa

“Now I’m imagining everyone naked.” -Tuman

“Sam deflowered me first. With his mouth, no doubt.” -Bree

“I am not a heterosexual! I am a lesbian trapped in a man’s body!” -Matt

“Excuse me, can I go put my clothes back on now?” -Emily