2003 Quote Board

“Here’s your Sex For One, Matt.” -Angie

“Their unholy union has been consumated.” -Natalie

“I heard ‘wrassle with your boyfriend’!” -Chandra

“I’m pouring water everywhere!” -Josh
“Watch out! It’ll stain!” -Chandra

“Hey, you just called me.” -Keri

“It doesn’t fit in the hole.” -Joel

“It’s all about the calk in the drain.” -Angie
“I agree. It’s all about the cock.” -Natalie

“All Satan’s creatures are my brothers and sister.” -Chandra

“He’s hot! He gets me all wet and stuff.” -Natalie on President George W. Bush

“As in… It jiggles!!” -Michael

“We all have our weaknesses. Mine is pizza.” -Michael

“My pants are too short! I grew!” -Britney Spears

“You don’t understand; the yellow polo goes great with my Superman jersey.” -Matt

“I actually look smart.” -Matt

“How do you spell foot? F-O-A-T?” -Angie

“Chandra’s been waitin’ to tap Mrs. Butterworths since she got here.” -Joel

“I would have gone with Devo. Fucker.” -Joel

“Try Tom Jones. He covers everything.” -Josh

“Anyone seen our syrup tap?” -Josh

“They turn into Ranch pancakes? Because you’re such a cowboy?” -Chandra

“Damn, I forgot to grab my sack.” -Matt

“God did that twice when I called him. He said, ‘Like, NO!'” -Keri

“What’s colorful all over his crotch?” -Joel

“I used to move my mom a lot.” -Joel

“That’s because you can’t capture an entire fucking chorus with just one voice. Duh.” -Chandra

“All balls go to heaven.” -Chandra

“The pickles have been devoured.” -Damned Anonymous Quote!

“In case of a water landing, your Savior can be used as a flotation device.” -Sarah

“I’ve got a huge bruise on my ass! I don’t know how it got there!” -Natalie

“It’s just not going in!” -Angie

“My ass at the Internet!” -Natalie

“Have you seen the giant cock?” -Ben
“Usually when someone says that to me it’s not because htey’re holding an animal cracker.” -Natalie

“How about ‘douche’?” -Angie

“I feel bad for the guy who’s number is 255-7474.” -Sarah

“I’m in!” -All phone bitches (Repeatedly! Often!)

“It’s going up my butt!” -Keri

“Is any of the music on KVSC good?” -Keri
“Well… um… I guess not.” -Michael

“Can I cover it with aluminum foil?” -Michael, in reference to the chili in the microwave

“I swear, there’s some women in there with ass implants.” -Angie

“That woman is a dildo.” -Michael on Jo McMullen

“Except that I’d get $24,000 from her life insurance. but I told her I wouldn’t bump her off until she was worth more than that.” -Michael on his wife, Sarah

“We could play Twiser, if we’re all wearing thongs.” -LeAnna

“What’s our team name?” -LeAnna

“I need to hear that visual trivia again.” -Liv

“I like Liv’s quote.” -Sarah

“Be less stupid!” -Joel o the phone bank

“This is team 30 with an answer for question three. It’s all fun and games until I… Hang up on you!” -Leanna

“Does somebody want to eat the lone pickle of the apocolypse?” -Natalie