2004 Quote Board

“Nothing ever happens in Monticello, ever, I guess.” -Matt

“Nice phallic lighthouse.” -Joel

“I thought he was an actor… Oh, he was Eric Estrata. Sorry.” -Joel

“Steve Johnson is the woman without arms.” -Joel

“There’s Trivia Porn?” -April

“Do it again! Do it again!” -Angie

“Bunny grunt!” -Matt, triumphantly

“OK. Getting tired of flying meat.” -Keri

“It wasn’t like I whipped it out, it came upon its own.” -Joel

“Would you like to see my Beefinator?” -Joel

“It’s like Mystery Science Theater 3000 on the radio, on crack… Only B-grade.” -April

“Mmmmmmm… Heroine” -Joel

“We should get extra points because we have a hamster.” -Anne

“DJs should not be allowed to stutter, only callers.” -Who is going to claim this quote?

“Everybody wants chemo these days.” -Anne

“Viagra or vegetables?” -Matt

“We had, uh… We had a book…” -Matt

“Did we get an orange vibrator or only a grape?” -April
“Grape should have been enough.” -Josh

“Sounds like ‘boner’.” -Michael

“Rub the wood for luck.” -Anne

“Iraq is so ghetto.” -Sam (Playing long-distance from Bagdad)

“Sometimes you just get in the mood and grab Nicole Kidman.” -Angie

“Boobarific” -A candy heart

“What are you looking for?” -Keri
“A phone.” -Michael
“There aren’t any.” -Keri
“Hut up! You’re lying!” -Michael

“Matt’s going to keep doing the dog.” -Natalie
“Don’t say that!” -Matt

“911. What’s your emergency?” -Challenge Line

“Real Dolls will now come with bottom teeth standard.” -The Real Doll Website

“This feels weird when you’re doing that while talking to my boyfriend.” -Natalie

“I can’t dance, but at least it’s impossible to embarass myself.” -Natalie

“When id doubt, fuck it!” -Natalie
“Fuck it?” -Matt
“In a bucket.” -Natalie

“Caffinate me!” -Matt

“And she pinched a guy with her ass and left a bruise.” -April

“I felt my rectum pucker.” -Matt

“There can’t be that many Fracaswell Hymans.” -Joel

“Did you make his anus bleed?” -Natalie
A look of guilt. -Jen