2005 Quote Board

“Your can is glaring!” -Joel to Anne

“Deathtrap-slash-chair, same thing.” -Joel

“The chill of death has surrounded Joel. Oh well.” -Anne

“You have to keep your retard chilled for freshness.” -Matt

“Go to tricks.com!” -Jen

“We chewed it open.” -Jen

“Did you say ‘taco’?” -Joel
“I said ‘cupcake’.” -Matt
“Oh.” -Joel, disappointed

“All I see is a big blue ball in my face.” -Joel

“Oh, good. An oversexed cow.” -Jen

“The more I learn, the dumber I get” -Sarah

“I’m eager, moist, and freshly douched.” -“It’s the Karate, Kid! The Musical” Soundtrack

“Did he win the ‘Smarmiest Man on Earth’ award?” -Sam, from Germany

“Wait, did they just say it was reggae hour?” -Michael
“Ha-ha, sucker!” -Matt
“Shut up, you bastard!” -Michael

“Um, can you get the dog off the keyboard?” -Mary

“Are you saying I’m a wallflower?” -Cristina
“No, I’m saying you’re a retard.” -Joel

“Check it out! The bacteria in here could end your life!” -Sarah

“Cheeeeeese!” -Keri

“Mom never hears about this! Never!” -Matt to Andy

“My tongue feels hairy!” -Michael

“There is way too much hardness going on. We are readjusting.” -Matt

“Is this shrimp on my roll?” -Jessica

“I find it ironic that it ways ‘Nude Beach Life Guard’ and you’re wearing a shirt.” -Joel to Josh
“You should get a tatoo instead.” -Jessica

“I can’t get my stick in the hole.” -Aja
“I always have that problem.” -Joel

“Hi, this is Team 15 for question 6. Can I get a partial on ‘Satan’?” -Sarah

“Who puts chicken in an omlette? Isn’t that against evolution?” -Joel

“Scotty Mayfield hasn’t been paying his bills.” -Anne

“I kinda like that battery. I want to beat people with it.” -Joel

“This is team 15 with an answer for sex. High miler.” -Joel

“Where are the ‘Shaun of the Dead’ questions- I’ve seen that about 100 times. Or the chocolate chips cookie dough ones. I’m eating that right now. They never ask anything I’m prepared for.” -Sam, from Germany

“Stephan’s Dream is about each other. It’s a wet one.” -Sam, from Germany

“We just got the big one from Ms. Thang.” -Keri

“It’s Jo McMullen in heat!” -Matt
“That was cold.” -Joel