Month: February 2005

2005 Site Updates

Step right up! Check out the ever-popular Quote Board for 2005 and see just what it was that was muttered over the Weekend! Or, if you’re competitionally minded, see the full standings, which may or may not be of interest to you since they’ve been available on since the award ceremony anyway. Annnnnnd, if you’re a team member floating by, log in to the Forum for the recipe to those cupcakes that were so eagerly devoured during Trivia this year (okay, so it’s posted in the Conversationpart of the forum, so anybody could view it if they wanted to). It’s a special night for website updates indeed!

2005 Wrap-Up

The smoke has cleared, the Web Slave is pulling himself out of his Trivia-induced stupor to post things on the web, and we placed 12th! 12th, of all places! Hardly believe it ourselves. Look here in the coming days for the full standings (which you can find for the moment at KVSC’s Trivia Page for the moment anyway), the infamous Quote Board, and pictures. By the way, team members, e-mail me your Trivia pics for me to post, will ya?

Hi Miler

Angie spent some time talking with Irv Gordon, the guy whose Volvo has over 2,300,000 miles on it. It has been determined that he’s a really great guy, and one of the most interesting people we’ve spoken with across the nation this weekend.