2006 Quote Board

“Nothing beats the thong chick, though.” -Joel

“Where’s the quote board?” -Michael

“Someone’s got poo on the phone bank.” -Angie

“I’m the English to Spaghetti translator.” -Joel

“KVSC is a four-letter word.” -Angie

“The Damn Yankees weren’t a rock band, they were crap!” -Joel

“No! Elvis! He’s two-thirds donkey!” -Andy

“Match the shape with the hole.” -Anne

“I’ll dwell in your tab.” -Joel

“Someone sucked off a bull?” -Jen
“Hey! I only did that once!” -Josh

“You can fill a book with what I don’t know about Harry Pooter.” -Mike Trivia

“How do you spell ‘pooter’?” -Joyce

“What time does China open?” -Pixie (Andy)

“But I have no problem putting it in my mouth.” -Josh

“Bacö’on!” -Natasha, Jodi, & Sarah

“It was a big, long name that ended in ‘unch’.” -Sarah

“Cream me, baby!” -Angie

“How many times have I been labelled socially inept today?” -Joel
“Many, many times.” -Jen

“Muffin down! Muffin down!” -Joel

“Tim, where did you find that?” -Ruth
“I dunno, there were just a bunch of words there.” -Tim, after finding “The Shimmy”

“I have a problem where every time I go down something pops up.” -Joel

“I want a lake of Jell-O!” -Angie

“That’s 3 billion, 600 million packages of ramen.” -Mary
“But there’s 6 billion people in the world.” -Anne
“There’s two servings per package!” -Mary

“She’s looking perched!” -Mary

(Falls) “Swing and a miss! There’s a step, there.” -Joel

“Can we make out?” -Joel, to man in Colorado

“Can I get a partial on dicks?” -Sarah

“We don’t want to put the effort in, we just want to get the questions right.” -Sarah

“I’m just going to wear pregnancy pants forever.” -Sarah

“I want a Boney Billy.” -Sarah

“I think Ed works for Google.” -Tim


“Hey! I’ve got something we can see…” -Matt

“If you lick your palms you get a juicier fart.” -Mary