2007 Quote Board

“I’m double-fisting the phone bank!” -Angie

“I can take your laptop. It doesn’t take long.” -Sarah to Matt, in regards to making Trivia Babies

“Pimp?” -Michael
“No, Pope…” -Matt

“Booby shot!” -Angie, Matt, Mike, & someone else

“Hanging on to what’s important… Boobs.” -Angie, in regards to baby Julia

“I’m rubbing off on Matt! Muuuwaahahaha!” -Angie

“My mom?” -Liv, long distance from Denmark
“Yeah. Yer mom.” -Matt
“I didn’t know she even watched, or how since she only gets PBS.” -Liv

“How about spanking your mother?” Cristina

“I like asspants!” -Jen

“I’m going to go off myself right away.” -Cristina

“Matt, you just made Jesus cry a bit.” -Cristina

“That’s a fast ass.” -Jamie, regarding Mongolian Wild Ass

“Sorry for waking you up.” -Jamie, on the phone
“No you’re not.” -Angie

“I don’t know my dildos very well.” -Mary

“Can I get an incomplete on ‘Zarfalax’?” -Mary, after Anne told her to guess “Sarah Phillips”

“Hey, that looks hot and good. What’s that?” -Jen
“It’s me.” -Josh

“Hey! Hey, hurry up, I gotta pee.” – Jen
“Wait, I gotta unlock the door…” -Nate
“Okay, hmmm…” -Jen
“It feels awkward to be in the shower while some complete stranger is pissing.” -Nate
“Hence, the reason for the awkward silence.” -Jen
“Wait, why are we talking to each other in the bathroom?” -Nate

“Aaaaaaargh! You look up ‘Meego’ and you get porn!” -Jessi

“A partial on ‘between my hairy ass cheeks’?” -Josh

Score after hour 27: 6660
Score after hour 28: 6900

“‘Cause everyone has a hard, sharp, pointy penis on their forehead.” -Jen

“What happened to my clothes?” -Geez

“Screw the bag.” -Angie
“I would, but she’s sleeping.” -Matt

“Did you just smell your carrot?” -Cristina

“Do the happy dance!” -Angie

“Do I need to do somethign stupid?” -Angie

“Yeah, if you don’t make the top 80 you’re kind of a loser.” -Jen

“Time for synchronized peeing!” -Anne
“Woooo!” -Angie, as they both spin around

“My eggs are speaking to me.” -Mary

“You don’t want twenty caffienated, sleep-deprived people coming at you with sharp objects.” -Angie

“According to the podcast ‘Ask a Ninja’, Salma Hayek is actually a Chupacabra with a boob job, or what he calls a Boobacabra.” -Wikipedia