2008 Quote Board

“I get nervous around cheese balls.” -Sarah

“His long one is white and his beefy one is black.” -Angie

“Behind Sarah there’s an OH MY GOD!” -Angie, in reference to a long cord

“Check it out you guys! This is why they call them grape tomatoes!” -Sarah, holding up a grape and a tomato

“What are you putting in my butt?” -Jessi

“Yes, I can still get it in there without a knob.” -Josh, in regards to a broken laptop

“You go, super Kleenix!” -April, as a napkin is laid on a big puddle of water

“I just looked over and it was just wiggling around.” -Jen
“Now that’s control!” -April

“I spilled my nuts in my lap.” -Josh

“So, what kind of battery do I have, I wonder.” -Michael
“A lickable one!” -Matt
“No, not licking it.” -Michael

“Oh my God! You suck! Shut up!” -Jen

“Is a straight jacket considered clothing?” -April

“Remind me when I get famous to snub you in public.” -Angie

“Proximity equals ability.” -Matt

“Oh, just wipe it up with the baby.” -Matt

“Spoon your way to good health!” -Josh

“Doesn’t that feel nice?” -Michael
“I don’t know!” -Jessi

“Sarah, are you hungry?” -Josh
“No, I just ate three pieces of toothpaste and I’m feeling rather bloated.” -Sarah

“Josh has had easy meat. It wasn’t very good. ” -Josh

“There has to be more dicks in Shakespeare!” -Josh

“My ass is so talented. It turns on my cell phone.” -Josh

“Well, happy birthday to your mom.” -KVSC

“What did Hugh Hefner contribute?” -Matt
“Crabs.” -Sarah

“Can I dip my thing in water?” -Jessi

“God screwed us over!” -Josh