Month: February 2008

Vote Trivia wrap-up

Well, we went into the blackout after spending most of the weekend between 6th and 8th place, and then came out just shy of taking the stage in 4th place with 12,825 points. You can see the full list of final scores here. It was an incredible weekend, though! Many thanks to everyone who showed up as well as those of you in Wisconsin, Denmark, and Louisiana that logged on to be a part of the team from afar! Members, keep an eye on the forums for post-Trivia notices and we’ll see you all next year.


T-Minus 3 days and counting. If you’re a team member and you’re still clueless as to what’s going on, e-mail Matt (or call if you have the number) and get in the loop. Also, if you’re a long-distance member, we have a hew Secure Chat Room for use during Trivia Weekend. More info for members is on the Members-Only forum.