2009 Quote Board

“I love Oliver Cromwell.” -Anne

“Ben’s in the corner, eating his meat.” -Angie
“It was delicious! It was all tangy and tasted like honey.” -Ben

“Could it be… Tremors? It just felt right.” -Liv

“Team 35. Oh, I’m dyslexic.” -Angie

“Wait, go slower! It’s early late.” -Angie, to the phone bank person

“Is that your box of fun?” -Natasha to Josh

“Did I tell you I’m ordained?” -Aja

“Answers from Ed are like sausage, you don’t question where it comes from, you just appreciate it.” -Matt

“Hey, Ben, we’re steaming up your windows. What’ll the neighbors think?” -Angie

“(The cat) is going to hate me by the end of this weekend.” -Ben

“Bitch is hot!” -Robyn, in reference to the Mona Lisa

“Dude, if that was my uncle, I’d be pimping him out.” -Angie

“Do the taser one!” -Cristina, on the Retarded Policeman videos

“…Who played the pyc… psyci… pskic… You know what’s up. Zing! High five!” -Ben, attempting to write a question

“I was named after a dildo.” -Aja, after finding out the band Steely Dan was named after a dildo in a book published in 1959
“Hooray for dildos!” -Anne

“Yeah! I got lap time!” -Angie
“I usually charge for that.” -Aja

“You know your team is tired when you don’t get an obvious breast question.” -Anne

“What? Did somebody break a penis?” -Jen

“Do it to your sister-in-law.” -Angie to Matt

“It’s okay… The fish was dead.” -Ben, in reference to sex with a fish

“Stuff that crack! Stuff it good!” -Angie

“Shit! This is the weekend, isn’t it!” -Josh

“Oh, wait… It looks like he’s pulling something else out… I think it’s a… hamster?… Henry the hamster!” -Joey

“You know what a nurse can’t fix? Arson.” =Ben

“I love William Shattner.” -Anne
“He’s my favorite bloated booze bag.” -April

“Anal leak-ation.” -Robyn