Author: The WebSlave

2011 In the Bag

The results are in, and our score of 12,895 put our lean, mean trivia machine in 12th place… A mere 50 points out of the top ten. Look for the site to be updated for the off-season in a few weeks.

A full list of scores can be found here:

Some 2010 stuff up!

Yes! Your humble WebSlave has been working on updating the NMZ site with 2010 contest tidbits. What’s up, you ask? Why, the 2010 Quote Board is up, and so is the brag page on our 2010 Best Challenge award, complete with all the answers to the Scavenger Hunt locations!  I’m still working on the site, though, and I’ll get the 2010 photos up at some point. By the way, if you took photos and your name isn’t Owen, I’d love to have copies of your photos to put online.  Thanks!

Another Year, Another Best Challenge!

Thanks to all that contributed to our 9th place finish in the 2010 with 11,620 points. Again, only 10 points behind the team ahead of us… How many of those easy little questions did we miss?

Also, we came out of the contest with another Best Challenge award with the Photo Scavenger Hunt! Woot!

Look back here in the next coming weeks for photos, site updates, and the 2010 Quote Board. Zoomdweebies, if you took any photos over the weekend (I’m talking to you, Michael!), e-mail them to the WebSlave.

News Update

Just a couple of updates… We finished 11th with 10,890 points, just 10 points out of 10th place. Also, a Facebook Group has just been created for members and alumni to connect and converse. Third, the Webslave is making his obligatory (and potentially empty) promise to do a major update of this website some time soon. He has pictures, quote boards, and other goodies just sitting on the hard drive at home

Vote Trivia wrap-up

Well, we went into the blackout after spending most of the weekend between 6th and 8th place, and then came out just shy of taking the stage in 4th place with 12,825 points. You can see the full list of final scores here. It was an incredible weekend, though! Many thanks to everyone who showed up as well as those of you in Wisconsin, Denmark, and Louisiana that logged on to be a part of the team from afar! Members, keep an eye on the forums for post-Trivia notices and we’ll see you all next year.