“Demented and sad, but social…”

It’s not just a label, It’s a motto to live by. The Neo-MaxI Zoomdweebies have not survIved this long on a diet of trivia alone, but the unique relationshIp that the team members have.

“We’ve done some pretty fun stuff in the past. I think my favorite is turning down the radio and cranking up WInAmp after we’ve finished all the questions for an hour. My apologies to KVSC, but after a perfect hour sometimes you just need some Cake.”

Indeed, outside of what could be considered one huge game of “You Don’t Know Jack” from hell, there’s a lot more than just Trivia going on. W’ve been a wild bunch over the years. In 1998 and 1999, the Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies did a lot of raids on the House of Insanity. These resulted in some minute vandalism, a police chase (naughty speeders!), and even a faux “kidnapping”. 2002 saw “The Jello Shot”, a rather large, layered concoction which was consumed to cap off the contest at hour 50. 2004 was marked by having one of our members play long-distance from her guard post on an army base in Bagdad, Iraq. This is just the short list…

“How about the way it’s possible to share a bed with four separate people during different times of a night and not even know it? I did that once, I think”

One cannot get the entire Zoomdweebie experience without strange bedfellows. It’s not uncommon for team members to pile like firewood into a bed and doze for a couple precious hours, and comments like “Who’s arm is this?” are frequently heard.

Our members were originally from Saint Cloud Apollo High School and Saint John’s Prepatory School, but we have since taken on members from other schools, other areas, and other teams. Now our team hails from the Twin Cities area, Duluth, Wisconsin, Oregon, Alabama, Iceland, Denmark, and more places than this humble Webslave can remember. And we all manage to find ourselves in the same place, physically or virtually, for 50 hours out of the year.