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Natalie was the team co-captian and co-hostess, simply because it was her house. It was her boyfriend’s team that soared above us in points, but that’s cool because she still loves him. Natalie ditched out on us on Saturday for a Nollij Bowl meet, but when she was home she pulled through with multiple answers.


Our other co-captian and co-hostess, being as she is Nat’s younger sister. She is the only Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebie who did not leave the premises for the entire fifty hours. Obviously a model of trivia perfection (she wishes), Chandy managed to place quite a few answers and a couple challenges to other teams under her belt.


Molly is the illustrious driver that led our raid on the House of Insanity, which culminated in the taking of Kim as a hostage, plus she provided us with hours of amusement. Molly was also hitting on “I’m Single,” one of the scorekeepers at KVSC. Not only that, but she answered some questions as well.


The creator of this web site and instigator of the rivalry between the Neo-Maxi Zoombweebies and the House of Insanity, Matt gave the majority of his weekend to trivia. Not only did he lead the team to find “interesting” sites in a caffeine-induced stupor in the wee hours of Sunday morning, but he also got Kim dumped in his lap during the raid. Bonus: He spent his entire Trivia Weekend experience in his pajamas, even when he had a hostage dropped on him.


Lisa, who fueled our contempt towards the Electric Pussycat Swingers’ Club, brought a certain flair to the Neo-Maxi headquarters. That, and she sang the entire Tiny Toon Adventures theme song for 300 points. Plus, she got a little “friendly” over the phone with the guys at the University Television Station. If she hadn’t abandoned us for choir on Saturday, they would have shown up with the cameras.


Tasha is Lisa’s younger sister, and all she really did all weekend was gloat about how she was putting more into the team than Lisa was. Henceforth, we let her sleep in on Sunday.


Stephanie, better known as Sam, was our resident movie expert. She was more than happy to provide us with the answers, even when we woke her up at 3:00 AM on Sunday.


Aja was another of our long-haulers. Although ditching us Saturday morning to work, Aja still managed to work her brain and magic fingers.


Angela showed up Saturday night and took the long-haul Sunday night shift answering phones and disapproving our viewing of “interesting” Star Trek photos. She caught some shut-eye late Sunday morning, but she stood out to be one of the more durable people.


Brendan was just there. What more can you say?


Steve was there while Matt slept, henceforth he has not appeared on this page until Jan. ’99, a month after alerting the webmaster of his presence on the team.


Our sweet and luscious Bree endured Saturday night snoozing in the living room, but she did wake early and enjoy an early breakfast of cardboard pizzas in the wee hours of Sunday morning. She also leapt to catch a mid-air pizza at the awards ceremony. That, and she answered a couple critical questions.


Michael showed up for a couple hours and didn’t do much. But he did answer a question or two, so we love him anyway.


Blake arrived and took a Saturday morning shift as the best Internet commando we had all weekend. Or maybe we thought that just because we were all still hazy from being awake since Friday morning.


Jacob was one of the warped minds that took the unbearably early Sunday morning shift with the infamous Star Trek site.


He was there, too. And we’re so proud of him.


For five hours Bordo slaved over trivia for us. Thanks, bud, now grow your hair back.


Sarah was there, and then she disappeared into Chandra’s room at about the same time Michael took off. Or so we thought, until they both emerged an hour later. Hmmm…


Owen played Risk for a couple hours and left. A little Trivia trivia: Owen’s sister is marrying the eldest of the Lingl clan. The Lingls are prominent members of the Digital Dungeon Dwellers.


Mer was our out-of-residence member. She called us with a few answers.


Brandon was so kind as to make a cameo appearance. He grabbed a couple cans of Dew and left.