Feeeeed Myyyyyy Frankenstein!

This year I tried something new… letting my camera get used at will. And here’s the result, laced with the images from the 2001 info page.

We begin our tour…

Wee Sam knows how to get a little sleep.

Dominatrix Chandra gets a little respect.

“I just got a partial on ‘my fat white mammy’s ass’!”

Don’t forget to make a stop!

I can’t do that, Dave…

ree and Ann get in on the action… From California and Moorhead, respectively.

Sarah loves the computer. No, really, she loves the computer.

…But not as much as Michael does.

Don’t just love your team members… LOOOOOOVE you team members!

IIIIIIIIII ain’t got no body…

A random crotch. Does anyone want to claim ownership?

Continuing on our tour of Zoomdweebie anatomy, Kayleen’s chest.

And another set o’ hooters. These either belong to Anne or Liv (They’re kinda hard to tell apart…).

What knockers!

When the going gets tough…

Jacobette and Sarah B dish out.

The die-hard Linnell sisters. (Or, everybody now, “EVERYBODY MUST GET STONED!”) Behind Nat is Jacobette and Rumpy.

A common fixture in the NMZ library corner was a sleeping body. This happens to be Liv… er, I think…

Sam and Nat prove just how dead tired they are.

Yes, we actually do get answers…

The think tank.

Mike and Chandra consult the list of open questions.

Sam, our resident movie expert, with her trusty dictionary perched upon her lap. To her right is the NMZ cell phone bank.

Michael, Sarah, and Aja pose with our secret weapon… XENA, WARRIOR PRINCESS! AYAYAYAYAYAY!

The smiling happy face of Anne. That is, I’m almost positive it’s Anne…

And what does the most sad and demented (yet social) team do after a perfect hour? Why, crank up the Cake, of course.

They all get it in the end…

Aja and Sam can’t bear to leave the weekend behind.

Shaun from Last Ditch Effort gets caught by surprise at the award ceremony.

Ahhhh… the competition!