For A Good Time, Call…

It’s all part of the Trivia Weekend frivolity. There’s a special phone number that we can call, and on the other end is the Goat Posse, ready and waiting for us to challenge other teams to do random tricks and stunts. There was a time in our formative years that we had an annual barrage of the challenge line, and while we had a drought for a few years (accounting for the gap below) there has been a bit of a challenge rennaissance lately amongst our team.

What follows are audio files stolen lock, stock, and barrel from the Goat Posse website. We have no shame in admitting this. We stole their content. We’re just so proud of what we do, so we had to put it out here on our own website as well. Each audio bit has their own words about what was going on in italics, shamelessly plagurized from their site again, as well as our own two cents.

Polka Like a Mofo!, 2001

The Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies were the “Those Meddling Kids” of† the Challenge Line in the early 00s. This challenge was indicative of their style: quirky, original, and sometimes answered.

This is Sam, our former movie guru and Bagdad satellite player now playing on her family’s team, calling in.

Kevin Spacey, 2001

Soy Meat, of Loose Meat Sandwiches, issues a challenge to the Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies regarding some very personal information about Kevin Spacey.

This isn’t from us, but it’s directed at us. No doubt that this is a response to our figuring out the height of Kevin Spacey in Astronomical Units.

Erotic Pickle Eating Contest, 2002

The Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies, the “Those Meddling Kids” challenge line bogarters of the early 00’s, surprise and impress The Posse (for once) with a challenge that takes on an energy and momentum all its own.

This was our second Best Challenge win, and you can read all about it on our Best Challenge 2002 page.

Shaven Pet, 2005

Neo-Maxi Zoom Dweebies in some of their strongest years on the challenge line come up with a challenge that may draw the ire of Kim Bassinger.

Angie is on the line with her challenge, inspired by Sarah and Michael’s sick, deaf dog that was roaming about the NMZ HQ. We really did want to shave the dog, but the poor thing was sick.

23 Lap Dances, 2009

Team member asks for Trivia players to come over and give his brother 23 lap dances for his, you guessed it, 23rd Birthday. Who will qualify to give lapitude?

We’re not even sure if the Goat Posse realizes that this is us, but that is definitely team captain Matthew on the phone. And he is definitely talking about his brother, our gracious host for 2009.

Scavenger Hunt, 2010

Team NMZ calls the late night crew of Princess Yum-Yum and Digital Dave to present possibly the most well-prepared and well thought out challenge of the year: a photo scavenger hunt that required some trivial knowledge/research of St. Cloud landmarks to complete. Of course, DD struggles to make a joke, resulting in the year’s only “crickets”.

This was our third Best Challenge honor, and you can read all about it on our Best Challenge 2010 page.