Get Out the Protection…

Finally, I get some pics to post… hopefully this is enough to satisfy the hoards of people (HA!) that visit this site.

The two infamous NMZY2K pics that graced our 2000 info page…

Co-captain Nat (left) and sexy Voodoo Doll thief Molly.

Sarah, in all her sklunty glory.

A portion of Matt’s cell phone bill for the month of February.

Woo! All hail the high-point book of the year! For 160 points, just who was the first janitor at SCSU? (Well, then it was SCNS…)

Keri, Michael, Sarah, and the Famous First Book. Notice the rather stylish NMZ shirt that Keri is sporting…

Joel being a stud at the award ceremony.

Yes, that’s us with the Voodoo Doll on the cover of the University Chronicle. Click here for a larger version.

And speaking of the Voodoo Doll, here’s some of the actual straw. This particular bit is sewn to our banner.