Party like it’s…

1999 NMZ Logo

Here they are… the 1999 Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies in action. This page is a pictoral synopsis of the team labled as “Sad and demented, but sociable” at the award ceremonies.

The above photo contains (starting with the reclining figure in the Trivia Sells Out shirt and continuing clockwise) Tasha, Sarah,Svan, Emily, and Michael. This is an action scene, showing the real nitty-grittyof Trivia.

Of course we have to put these two team members together. Sarah and Michael (guess which is which) were a great service to the team the entire weekend. And a great service to each other (wink, wink).

Here are our team captains,the lovely Linnell sisters. Chosen as captains because of their willingness to foot the bill for registration as well as allow us to trash their housefor the weekend, they led us to 19th place and another victory over the House of Insanity. That would be Natalie (the elder) in the crown and Chandra at her side.

A team is only as good as their tools. So, shown here are the preferred tools of the 1999 Trivia Marathon.

Are they lovers? Are they siblings? Are they… both? Kinda. The larger one is Owen, the World’s Largest Warm Fuzzy. The smaller one is his big sister (at heart), Bree.

Here is Matt, ye olde Webmaster in an, um… “interesting” position. Don’t worry, it’s just Klaus’s fudge.

This is Lauren with a book. Reading it, no doubt. Please note the hint of sarcasm in this caption.

What could we have done without Site C? This year saw the use of satellite sites, with others helping by way of AOL IM. Shown here is the Marlboro Best of the West ad, which they are now famous for.

This is Emily, donning a crown of dried flowers and ribbon. She felt it was fitting for the Marathon’s theme. Or something like that.

Steve, Ogopogo, Funky Father Putz, whatever the hell you want to call him, he supremely kicked ass this year. Don’t worry, Mother Stolpman, it’s only root beer.

Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire!

Here’s Wee Sam showing off his nuts again. He does like to brag.

Steph loves you. Can you tell?

Dylan getting all warm and cozy with himself…

Angel she is not. Give it up, Missy.

Our ever-famous warpaint. A tasty spider at that

Bordo here, decked out in Hawaiian shirt, imitation kilt,and war paint. And he’s one of the normal ones. That would be Mike behind him with the camera.!

Random Tomfoolery

Various shots of the NMZ posse in action. And a few where we’re actually answering questions as well.

The bride of death comes in many forms…

The calm before the storm…

A defector from the House of Insanity!

Steve, the Crowned Prince of Pimping.

Easy Access?

Insert witty caption here.

The Web Monkeys working their wondrous magic. That bit of morsel in Matt’s hand is Owen’s famous homemade pizza.

Emily is doing what overworked Zoomdweebies do best. Sleep.

Our faithfull NMZ Militia just before one of the House raids.

This is Sarah just after her shower. I think she took enough of them for the entire team.

Ah, food…

Gimme some Lovin’!

This one defies explanation. I think these Zoomdweebies were corrupted by Kritter, the House member in Martin’s headlock of death.

The Award Ceremony

Pictures leading up to and during the award ceremony. We certainly didn’t take the urn, but we had the most spirit. And without spirits a that!

The final two hours…

Bree and her playthings.

American Gothic?

“Can I put my clothes back on now?”

Matt hangs the banner at the award ceremonies, raising his sword in triumph

Aack! It’s that part of the award ceremony where we started singing! “I’m Naked” gave us a buck to do that.

The 1999 Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies