Sin City

Katie basks in the pre-Trivia glory at the sight of her rearranged living room.

She’s back! Angie makes her triumphant return to the team as the first to show up.

The banner makes its second annual appearance. It now sports the full team name, our scores and placements from previous years, and our two “Best Challenge” awards.

CHICKENS! Josh takes his last meal before Trivia. This NMZ newbie was also a host this year.

Orange Joelius, also a “calm before the storm” type of pic.

If I can’t see the camera, it can’t see me…

And they’re off! LeAnna took the notebook in the wee hours.

We got the mandatory boob shot out of the way early this year. Thanks, LeAnna!

That’s more like it. Usual suspects Angie, Chandra, Keri, and Michael drive the team forward.

Everybody’s doin’ the fish! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Everybody’s doin’ the fish! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Michael cranks up the radio three more points…

Due to Katie not having the power cord for the router that was to go in the livingroom, her bedroom became another workroom.

Chandra. Fuckin’ right.

Joel and LeAnna take refuge on the wonderfully hideous gold love seat.

Er… Does water really stain?

Until the untimely death of their batteries, we communicated with Katie’s bedroom via walkie-talkie. Much trucker lingo was used and abused.

Yes, it’s either Anne or Liv. No, I don’t know which it is.

Matt stands up for a stretch and models his NMZ:42 shirt for the camera.

A head-on shot of the banner. It hangs in Matt’s bedroom for most of the year.

We think they’re constipated.

You can clearly see the thong of this unfortunate contestant in the UTVS Twister Contest. She was the butt of many jokes and a source of amusement for the remainder of the weekend.

It’s the Keg o’ Butterworth’s!

Anne in a pose of contemplation.

Katie sits with Anne and Liv, our own NMZ Wonder Twins who rarely left the confines of Katie’s bedroom. They just worked, ate, and slept where they were. We even had to pry the laptops out of their sleeping hands when they took naps.

LeAnna basks in the glow of the chili pepper windsock.


The Ass of Chandra, which is an unending fountain of knowledge.

And there was much rejoicing.

Third-year captain Matt in all his close-up goodness.

I present to you… Liv!

I just know my marbles are in here somewhere…

And Tabitha shows up to break her Trivia Hymen with the Zoomdweebies.

And in just a few minutes she fit in on the Island of Misfit Toys.

Keri, down for the count.

Saturday morning comes and slaps the inhabitants of Katie’s bedroom in the face.

Who needs natural light when you have an illuminated chili pepper?

Sarah, this year’s mistress of the telephone, and Chandra, team founder, in an action photo.

Kim, second-year member and hostess, claims that she has no knowledge that is usefull for Trivia. But I’ll be damned if she doesn’t keep the place livable.

This is it, folks! All the thrills, chills, and spills of Trivia Weekend! This is all that happens!

If memory serves, we actually got an answer out of this one.

Six years, and we’re still going strong. The Linnell sisters never really knew how far this would go when they started the team in 1998.

The camera man from Moorhead Public Television enjoys some of that barley-flavored sparkling water.

Another member of the KVSC entourage arguing with the station.

And yes, that is… BRAD SAVAGE! Our favorite roaming KVSC-ite makes his return to the NMZ headquarters. And there was much rejoicing.

Angie is very happy about Brad’s presence.

Matt was here for over half of the weekend, including the 12-hour home stretch.

I love how Sarah allows us to abuse her husband for 50 hours.

It was great to have Angie back again.

Joel is at Katie’s computer, and the twins are still there!

KVSC has their phone bank, and we have ours. Here’s the power source for our rotating stock of cell phones.

Keri holds up the big-point book which she found as Michael does “The Monkey” in celebration of the points it raked in.

Dancing Queeeeeeeen! Feeel the beat on the taaaamboriiiiine!

By far our favorite sponsor of Trivia Weekend. Perhaps we’ll look into an individual team sponsorship.

Michael walks the walk as Keri talks the talk.

Liv and Katie in their natural Trivia habitat.

A between-hour strech is always much enjoyed.


The Kim awakens…


…and shows her love and admiration for the camera.

Speed and attitude. That’d be Joel. Hardcore, man, hardcore.


I’ll swallow your soul!

Liv, on the floor of… you guessed it… Katie’s bedroom.

And Anne on… what else… Katie’s bed.

April checks in from Bumblefuckegypt.

When did they rename the Pacific Ocean to Gardetto’s Ocean?

Can’t sleep. Dart boards will eat me.

Trick or treat! Smell my feet!

Jen showed up Sunday afternoon and… Did her homework?!?

Love thy Char. Especially since she was a big part of the push at the end that got us the Brady Buch question and 15th place.

Bow to Aja, the Almighty Bitchmaster.

It’s not so bad being trendy. Everyone who looks like me is my friend.

Pucker up, dearie!

Yep, still doing homework!

I swear, Snoopy, if you steal my blanket one more time…

Hey! Let’s call up the bakery that made Elvis Presley’s wedding cake and ask them how many sugar doves they put on it!

Don’t stick it out unless you intend to use it.

I don’t have to care. The bear does it for me.

Sarah and Aja count how many times Elvis sings the words “viva Las Vegas” in the opening credits of the movie.

Since nobody was sleeping in there anymore, nor did we intend to allow anyone to that late in the game, Matt’s room was used as the base for tearing apart and figuring out the Brady Bunch Math Question.

We may have half the team on the Brady Question, but the Trivia drum beats on…

For those who didn’t get it, this is the answer to the Brady Bunch Math Question.

Some of the extensive notes taken to get the Brady Math Question.

Still more notes. Can you tell that we’re really proud that we got this one?

Natalie, Super-Goddess of the Brady Bunch Math Question, tells other teams to just lick her tasty Trivia goodness.

Come on… Feel the love. I dare you.

Parents drop by.

Kim and Sarah grinning as the Weekend winds down.

Texas has a whore house in it!

Former Zoomdweebie Tuman dons his Viva Las Trivia shirt so that he may commence with his duties as Sumo Referee.

Matt and House of Insanity member Chad shake hands before their Sumo match.

Take your corners, sirs.


Matt strips for the crowd.

The team from the balcony

The 2003 Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies.
(Back)Jen, Keri, Anne, Liv, and Angie (Front)Matt, Katie, and Tabitha

Not pictured: Everyone else