So meaty!

Liv and Spike in the wee hours of the contest. Note the stylish cherry-wood-looking bookshelves! Aren’t they pretty? Wouldn’t it be awesome if this file wasn’t so messed up?

Orange Joelius and the Mighty Dorito of Knowledge. Or not. It’s Joel, our resident love machine. Love him. I demand it.

Trivia Newbie Josh takes a peek from behind his Vaio. He’s enjoying the comfortable Trivia atmosphere that we create. And he’s grinning because he’s got a naked man on his desktop.

Joel looks up from Demented and Sad, But Social to observe something that tickles his fancy. What that is, nobody remembers.

Keri has an idea! No, wait… That’s just the lamp…

Angie stops to contemplate the existence of the hamster. Silly rodent.

Why, it’s a plethora of the backs of people’s heads! And in a marvelously “exciting” action shot, to boot!

Joel get answer. Make twin happy. Grunt.

It’s all the fun of a chain of backrubs without the fun of a happy ending. Or, was there? *wink, wink* That’s April and Cristina givin’ it to Keri, while Joahua works along.

And for the second time in the history of the NMZ, Matt is pictured with a toilet. Please note that greater teams have fallen to plumbing problems. Didn’t phase us a bit.


Not quite sure what Angie is laughing at. Perhaps the photographer is nude?

Beware! It’s… NINJA NATALIE AND HER SPOON OF DEATH! Don’t mess with the Master, else you’ll get SPOONINATED!

Angie pauses during a lull in the action. Note the Creature from the Black Lagoon atop Matt’s monitor. It was there in place of Chandra, absent from the NMZ for the first time.

Keri smiles. Natalie exhales. All is good.

By the end of the contest, Trivia Newbie Jade was workin’ her mojo like an old trivia pro. Take note of Angie and Joel on the floor. During the last half of the contest, people were all sleeping in the livingroom just in case they had to be awoken and put to work in a hurry.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Are these my books?

If you’re not turned on by this, I’d have your libido checked. Twice.