The Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies’ All-Star Variety TRIVIA SHOW

Smaller, sleeker, meaner, and faster. None of these apply to us except for the first one. What with TWATS shaving off of our membership list and Wynona Ryder Stole Our Team Name stealing our movie expert, you’d think we’d have a hard time this year. Bzzzt. Wrong. Again, we went up. We went down. And we had an all-around great time, from starting hour one with just Matt, Dorf, and Kim to finishing hour fifty with The Jell-O Shot. And it was good.

Ghetto Superstar Porn Palace

This year’s headquarters was the less-than spacious apartment of Michele, Kim, and Matt. Certainly it was the tightest area that we’ve trivia’d in yet. You can view the video tour of the Palace, created by Matt and Joel:

Steve and Wee Sam on Kim’s Bed

Just a random video taken over Trivia Weekend 2002.


I have two.

One is a screenshot of the Steve and Wee Sam Movie…

…and the other is the Sex For One that was ever so unuseful, and yet entertaining, over the weekend.

It’d be really nice to have a few more, though. E-mail the webslave a few NMZ 2002 pics if you’ve got them, eh?