What’s in a logo, anyway?

It has been a custom of the Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies to come out with an annual logo, a sort of “year patch” if you will. But along the way we’ve had a primary logo at the top of our website, and here is a history of those logos.


Original Logo

This was the original logo of the Neo-Maxi Zoomdweebies. The text was created using Microsoft Word then posted into MS Paint. This Power Rangers-inspired logo was hardly a work of art, but it served us well and has since been designated as the “year patch” for 1998.


Zoomdweebie Initials Logo

The “Zoomdweebie Initials” logo was created as a replacement for use on the new, cleaner website (the original had yellow text and a purple background). This logo, with green initials, is what is on the team banner that is displayed above the team at the award ceremonies. This logo was commonly seen eithout the text and/or a blue ellipse behind it.

An entire font was created based on the initials, but all copies of the file have long been lost.


Vertical Logo

Another new website layout called for a new logo to fit in the vertically-oriented sidebar. This logo was in use alongside the “Zoomdweebie Initials” logo as a secondary one, and the white space was commonly replaced with photos of the team.


Letterman Jacket Logo

Ultimately, as the team has matured so has our methods of creating images. The newest primary logo was created as a nod to our dual origin in high school: On the one hand, we were formed by a bunch of trivia-crazed high school kids. On the other hand, our name is derived from a movie set in a high school. It only seems fitting that we go forward with a logo in the style of a letterman jacket.