I’m going to have to ask you come in and work on Saturday…

Aja works the stereo, giving a contemplative ear to the question.

Here’s Jen, faithfully copying down the question as it’s asked. I’m not sure who the smiling face next to her is.

Angie and Cristina have all the answers…

Yeah! You go, dogs!

NMZ, kickin’ butt by night…

…and by day.

Nate knows the answer. Wink, wink.

Have you seen the quote boards? This is what they really look like.

Matt takes a brief break for nourishment.

And his wife Jen is a Pepper.

Even food doesn’t stop Josh from pulling a question out of his ass!

Michael searches for answers. Cristina may know it, but she won’t tell…

Hmmm… Is it any good?

…Oh, yeah. It’s oh, so gooooooood!


Even in this computer age, we still get plenty of use out of good ol’ books. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s true…

Not just a symbol of our accomplishments as a team, the banner works well to block all that troublesome natural light.


Same smiling faces, ten years later…


Here’s four of the original members that made it for the big X. (l-r) Steve, Matt, Michael, and Angie.

Aja is the other original member to make it. She just wasn’t around for the group photo…

Okay, so Sarah was there in 1998, too. She just didn’t do anything.

Rock on!

Jessi has to poop.

And soon, Julia will have to poop, too.

Her shirt says, “I like chocolate milk”, but her smile says she loves what the Trivia Moms feed her!

It tastes like man!

Honestly, I really have no clue what I’m talking about most of the time…

No, Sarah, you can’t lick the twin.

Eye see you!

We’re going to make your brown eyes, blue, too.

Ooh! This phone bank person is fiesty!

Seriously, I have no idea what to say about Mary here…

It’s enough to wear a guy out…

Thank you, Liv, for going to Europe. Now we know for sure that this is Anne.

Ah, the sweat smell of Trivia… No, that’s not a typo.

Jen loves food. Jess, apparently, doesn’t love being photographed.

Jessi and her husband look pretty happy. I wonder what they were doing…

Go ahead and shoot.

Really, I wear it because it’s comfortable

In classic Zoomdweebie fashion, Steve steps up to take the challenge we made.

And doesn’t he just look stunning?

So, Josh, just what do you have under that dress?

And I had such high hopes for something more exciting…

A very awarding experience


The traditional hanging of the banner, just as Matt has done it since the old paper one in 1999.

And our challenge in action! Steve stands up for the team in the beauty pagent.

And he steps forward for the crowd…

I’m not entirely sure who this guy is or what team he’s from, but he’s certainly happy that we suggested he wear a dress to the award ceremony…

Sorry you didn’t win the pagent. Well, we didn’t win the contest, either.

Cristina and Jodi, ready to head off and enjoy the Shake a Hamster Band.

All she wants to do is dance, dance!


You’d think that we’d be tired after 50 hours of trivia.

Jodi. Dancing. Something witty.

Cristina, down with her bad self.

No! Tell me it isn’t over already!

Lend a hand?


Double parked


We’re not entirely sure whose car this is, but we like their plate number. Now, to find a way to make the “892” significant…