Don’t look at me, I didn’t vote for him…

Ah, the smell of Trivia in the early hours… Andy and his wife Chelsea take residence on the couch, while Josh, uh, plays with tape.

Whatever Aja had on her plate was apparently good. Not sure what Jessi is so shocked about. Not sure that we’d want to know.

It’s an Adam!

There’s a baby inside her! No, she didn’t eat it, Sarah’s pregnant again.

So is Jen! Andy smirks knowingly… Is the child his?

*Ahem* Let’s just get back to work…

Chuckles was so good to show up this year, and Matt is sporting his “House of Insanity Sucks” shirt. Really, they don’t suck, but we used to tell them they did all the time…

Apparently April has just learned something new. And, uh, what’s his face doesn’t know, either.

Thou shalt not photograph a Goat!