Fall 1999 Quote Board

“Okay, so I have no car.” -Bree (on phone)

“Sarah’s hooters” -Matt

“If you knew where to look, you could find a live smut show.” -Chandra

“If thine bra offends thee, take it off.” -Chandra

“We are the sexiest antichrists under ye ol’ bra.” -Spike & Bree

“I find libraries very erotic.” -Chandra

“There’s not enough people in it to be Chandra’s bed.” -Sarah

“Hapiness is nakedness.” -Martin

“That’s the way it should be.” -Aja
“Two guys and one chick?” -Martin
“Yeeaahh.” -Aja

“Skanky Fishy Bitchwad!” -Everyone

“Let’s go to Wal-Mart. I need handcuffs.” -Bree

“Rock on.” -Michael
“Rock on what?” -Matt
“Duh. Rock on the bed.” -Bree